Writing Short Fiction: A New Online Course

We're delighted to launch a new socially-distanced adult learner course: WRITING SHORT FICTION with acclaimed Ink@84 workshop leader Dr Claire Griffiths. Designed with the global Coronavirus situation in mind, this ten week-long creative writing course helps you uncover the short stories hiding inside you, and gives you the tools you need to transfer them from your imagination to the page.

WRITING SHORT FICTION is a pre-recorded video tutorial series. This means you can start when you like, participate from the comfort of your own home, and study at your own pace – giving you the flexibility you need in these uncertain times. It is suitable for all adult learners, from complete beginners to practising writers.

You can choose whether to do the course solo or connect with others via our optional ‘Writing Short Fiction’ private group on Facebook. Here, you’ll be able to exchange ideas, thoughts and writing, giving you the opportunity to both give and receive feedback from your peers on short stories in-progress.

If you would like to join Writing Short Fiction, simply sign up via the website when you want your course to begin. Each Monday for ten weeks, you’ll receive a link to a new online ‘Lesson’, focusing on a different element of writing short fiction:

Lesson 1: Telling Stories
Lesson 2: Finding Your Voice, Building Your Plot
Lesson 3: Creating Memorable Characters
Lesson 4: You Don’t Say?
Lesson 5: The Point of Point of View
Lesson 6: Being Original
Lesson 7: Narrative Structure
Lesson 8: All in the Details
Lesson 9: Show And Tell
Lesson 10: Editing

Each lesson is divided into five bite-sized video tutorials which you watch online (so no time-
consuming downloads!) You can do these all at once or spread them out over the week. Your weekly package includes: ‘The Book Nook’, featuring in-depth discussions of fantastic short stories; mini-presentations on writing techniques; analysis of ideas and extracts in the ‘Virtual Classroom’; and guided ‘Writing Challenges’ to help you develop your short fiction skills.


You’ll also receive a link to the full text of the story featured in each week’s ‘Book Nook’. Our reading list includes a diverse mix of classic and contemporary writers, including Annie Proulx, Anton Chekov, Ali Smith, Michelene Adams, Yiyun Li, Jean Rhys, Tatyana Tolstaya and Rebecca Makkai.

These are strange times and we appreciate that people don’t necessarily know what’s around the corner. So once your ten-week course completes, you’ll have an additional six weeks of access to the online videos – just in case you haven’t finished. Writing Short Fiction is £144 (including VAT). All you need to take part is a Google account (available with any email address) and a Facebook account if you would like to join our private group. For more information, if you have any further questions, or if you wish to sign up, please use the links provided below. 

Read what students are saying about the course here.

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