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Wed July 6th: MIDDLEPAUSE Marina Benjamin

Wed July 6th: MIDDLEPAUSE Marina Benjamin

Cutting through society's clamorous demands to work longer and stay young, MIDDLEPAUSE: ON TURNING 50 delivers a clear-eyed account of midlife's challenges. Marina Benjamin weighs the losses, joys and opportunities of middle age, taking inspiration from literature and philosophy. Along the way she uncovers the secret misogynistic history of HRT, tells us why a dose of Jung is better than a trip to the gym, and offers an inspired vision of how to be happily and harmoniously middle-aged.
Marina Benjamin is the author of two previous memoirs, ROCKET DREAMS, shortlisted for the Eugene Emme Award, and LAST DAYS IN BABYLON, longlisted for the Wingate Prize. She has also worked as a journalist, writing for most of the British broadsheets and has been arts editor at the New Statesman and deputy arts editor at the Evening Standard. She is currently a senior editor at the digital magazine Aeon.
7pm.  Ticket price includes a glass of wine or cordial and a discount off the book.
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