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Thursday 21st April 7pm: Live in Shop! Bethany Rutter and Sukh Ojla

Thursday 21st April 7pm: Live in Shop! Bethany Rutter and Sukh Ojla


Join us in the bookshop on Thursday 21st April at 7pm with authors Bethany Rutter and Sukh Ojla as they discuss their debut adult novels Welcome to Your Life and Sunny. From terrible dates to why we should be celebrating diverse bodies in romantic fiction we can't wait to see where this discussion leads!


The bar will be open from 6:30 and the talk is expected to last around 1 hour with time for a Q&A and signings.


Tickets are FREE with purchase of either book and available online or in shop now! Space is very limited so book soon!


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Welcome to Your Life by Bethany Rutter


This is a love story...


Serena Mills should be at her wedding. But she's not. Instead, she's eating an ice cream sundae and drinking an obscenely large glass of wine in a Harvester off the M25. Everyone thinks she's gone mad. She's left the man everyone told her she was 'so lucky' to find - because Serena wants to find love.

Real love. A love she deserves - not one she should just feel grateful for. So, she escapes to the big city and sets herself a challenge: 52 weeks. 52 dates. 52 chances to find love. It should be easy, right? A story about love, forging your own path, and falling head over heels - with yourself.




Sunny by Sukh Ojla


This actually is a love story, just not the one Sunny was looking for . . . Sunny is the queen of living a double life. To her friends, she's the entertaining, eternally upbeat, single one, always on hand to share hilarious and horrifying date stories.

But while they're all settling down with long-term partners and mortgages, Sunny is back in her childhood bedroom at thirty, playing the role of the perfect daughter. She spends her time watching the Sikh channel, making saag and samosey with her mum, hiding gins-in-a-tin in her underwear drawer and sneaking home in the middle of the night after dates, trying but failing to find 'the one'. She juggles both lives perfectly . . . on the outside, at least.

But when her mum sees a guy dropping Sunny home one evening, Sunny's life gets a little complicated. Now her mum wants to know about the life she's hidden from her for so long. Sunny is well versed in lying to her friends, her family, and, above all, herself. But how long can she keep it up for? Or is it finally time to start being honest? 

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