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Tell Me the Planets

Tell Me the Planets

SKU: 9780241976838
Matthew has a meticulously logical mind. He is intelligent, compassionate and fiercely loyal. He also has a brain injury. When Matthew underwent surgery to remove a life-threatening cyst in the middle of his brain, he was left with extreme fatigue, a difficulty forming new memories and with a tendency to confabulate - to 'remember', with absolute conviction, events that have not occurred. In 'Tell Me the Planets,' Ben Platts-Mills tells stories about his work with survivors of brain injury, offering a rare glimpse into the world as seen through their eyes: charismatic Danny, whose criminal past has left him paralysed down one side, but who now helps others worse off than himself; Sid, whose memory for the present lasts only moments; and Liah, who is caught in a battle with the care system threatening to make her homeless.
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    Platts-Mills, Ben
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    Penguin Books
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