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Like a Thief in Broad Daylight

Like a Thief in Broad Daylight

SKU: 9780141989198
In recent years, techno-scientific progress has started to utterly transform our world - changing it almost beyond recognition. In this book, renowned philosopher Slavoj Zizek turns to look at the brave new world of Big Tech, revealing how, with each new wave of innovation, we find ourselves moving closer and closer to a bizarrely literal realisation of Marx's prediction that 'all that is solid melts into air'. With the automation of work, the virtualisation of money, the dissipation of class communities and the rise of immaterial, intellectual labour, the global capitalist edifice is beginning to crumble, more quickly than ever before - and it is now on the verge of vanishing entirely. In such a context, Zizek argues, there can be no great social triumph - because lasting revolution has already come into the scene, like a thief in broad daylight, stealing into sight right before our eyes.
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    Zizek, Slavoj
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    Penguin Books
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