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Andrew O'Hagan and Juano Diaz: In Conversation

Andrew O'Hagan and Juano Diaz: In Conversation


Join authors Andrew O'Hagan and Juano Diaz in conversation here at Ink!


Caledonian Road - 


May 2021. London.


Campbell Flynn, art historian and celebrity intellectual, is embarking on the ripeness of midlife. Fuelled by an appetite for admiration and the finer things - and for controversy and novelty - he doesn't take people half as seriously as they take themselves. Which will prove the first of his huge mistakes.


The second? Milo Manghasa, his beguiling and provocative student. Milo inhabits a more precarious world, and has experiences and ideas that excite his professor. He also has a plan.


Over the course of an incendiary year, a web of crimes, secrets and scandals will be revealed, and Campbell Flynn may not be able to protect himself from the shattering exposure of his privilege and his connections. But then, he always knew: when his life came tumbling down, it would occur in public.



Slum Boy -


John MacDonald must find his mother.


Born into the slums of Glasgow in the late '70s, a 4-year-old John's life is filled with the debris of alcoholism and poverty. Soon after witnessing a drowning, his mother's addictions take over their lives, leaving him starving in their flat, awaiting her return.

A concerned neighbor reports her, and he is forcibly taken away from his mother and placed into the care system. There, he dreams of being reunited with her. His mind is consumed with images and memories he can't process or understand, which his eventual adoptive parents silence out of fear as he grows into a young man within a strict Catholic and Romany Gypsy community.


This memoir is about how John found his way to his true identity, Juano Diaz, and how, against all odds, his unstoppable love for his mother sets him free.



Tickets include a glass of wine or soft drink, we look forward to seeing you!

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