Writing Short Fiction FAQs


What Is It?

Writing Short Fiction is a new, distance-learning version of a popular short story-writing course which usually runs at Ink@84 Bookshop in Highbury, London. The course aims to help you uncover the short stories hiding inside of you and give you the tools you need to transfer them from your imagination to the page! We will focus on a different element of short story writing each week, including finding stories, creating characters, showing and telling, dialogue, description and editing. You will also learn to read ‘as a writer’, helping you see short stories in a different way and apply the techniques you uncover to your own writing.  


By the end of Writing Short Fiction you will have:

  • Been inspired to come up with lots of new short story ideas.

  • Been enabled to develop your best ideas into short stories.

  • Developed your knowledge of the fundamentals of good storytelling.

  • Built your own writer's toolbox of essential skills to enhance your writing.

  • Learned to read more attentively to discern how writers do what they do.


Writing Short Fiction has been designed with the current global Coronavirus situation in mind. You can start it at any time, participate from the comfort of your own home, and work at your own pace. You can also choose whether to study solo, or interact with coursemates.

How Does It Work?

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email and your course will start the following Monday. Each week on Monday you will receive a link to a new lesson and accompanying reading for ten weeks, delivered directly to your email inbox. Each lesson is divided into five bite-sized videos, which you can watch online – no annoying downloads! Your mini-tutorials will include writing challenges, reading discussions, mini-presentations, and reading and writing skills sessions. You can do these all at once, spread them over the week, or stockpile them if you prefer.


Who Is It For?

Everybody aged 18 and up! While this course is comprehensive, we have carefully curated the content to accommodate complete beginners, interested hobbyists and more advanced writers looking to refresh their skills. Our weekly reading is accessible and entertaining, but allows for in-depth exploration of writing topics, while our writing challenges will inspire you to try new things or give you fresh ideas to improve existent writing. The learning environment will be friendly, positive and informal. We'd love to inspire you to get creative and support your writing adventures!

Who Teaches It?

For more detailed information about our course tutor Dr Claire Griffiths and reviews of her previous workshops please use the link to her bio on the workshop page. 

I Live Outside London/the UK -- Can I Still Join In?

Absolutely -- we would be thrilled to have you join us, and to see how far the geographic reach of this course can extend. Let's get the world writing!

What Do I Need To Participate?

To take part in this course, you will need a computer at home, and a working internet connection and email. You will need a Google Account (available with any email address) to access the online videos. If you wish to interact with other learners on the course and get feedback on your work, you will need a Facebook account. This is an optional extra – you can do the course without this element if you prefer. You will not need to buy any books for Writing Short Fiction. All reading will be provided via attachments and internet links.


Which Writers Will I Learn From? 

We love our literary community! We are very grateful to the amazing writers and publications who have granted special permission for us to use their works as part of this course. Our reading will be wonderfully diverse and contain a great mix of classic and contemporary short stories, from the likes of Annie Proulx, Ali Smith, Michelene Adams, Yiyun Li, Guy Gunaratne, Tatyana Tolstaya, William Goyen, Janice Galloway, Rebecca Makkai, Anton Chekov, Charles Dickens, Katherine Mansfield and Jean Rhys. And there will even be a dash of work by previous course participants and myself!

What Exactly Will I Learn? 

A link to a detailed course description is on the workshop main page.


What If I Don’t Finish The Course In 10 Weeks?

No problem - you’ll still have access to all the Writing Short Fiction videos for 6 weeks after the course completes.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are pleased to be able to offer this course at the price of £144  (including VAT). We believe this represents great value and hope it enables as many of you as possible to take part.

Can I Get Professional Feedback On My Work?

Claire can offer professional feedback as an optional add-on, exclusive to course participants. Contact her for more details or to arrange on the email just below.

Sounds great – where do I sign up?
Wonderful, we’d love to have you! 

Any More Questions?

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