While You're Sleeping by Mick Jackson

While You're Sleeping by Mick Jackson


Have you ever wondered what's happening in the world while you're asleep in your bed?

There's a whole world of activity out there - from bakers preparing bread and cakes for your table and firefighters waiting patiently for a call, to hospitals helping people have babies and caring for those who are ill. There are lorry drivers making deliveries of food, flowers, toys and more, and postal workers sorting the mail for your morning delivery. There's also wildlife such as foxes foraging, bats flying, and owls hunting for prey. And then around the world there are children who are playing, learning, eating and reading while you're tucked up fast asleep. This is the perfect book for bedtime, opening up a whole world of wonder and imagination for children, and providing food for the imagination if they wake in those early hours.

Drawn in a limited palette, moving from soft dusk colours to warm dawn tones, While You're Sleeping introduces a new voice in children's illustration and an exciting story that picks up where Richard Scarry's classic What Do People Do All Day? left off over 50 years ago.