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Where the Line Is Drawn

Where the Line Is Drawn

SKU: 9781781256541
As a young boy, Raja Shehadeh was entranced by a forbidden Israeli postage stamp in his uncle's album, intrigued by tales of a green land beyond the border. Impossible then to know what Israel would come to mean to him, or to foresee the future occupation of his home in Palestine. Later, as a young lawyer, he worked to halt land seizures and towards peace and justice in the region, and made close friends with several young Israelis. But as life became increasingly unbearable under occupation, and horizons shrank, it was impossible to escape politics or the past, and friendships and hopes were put to the test. Brave, intelligent and deeply controversial, in 'Where the Line is Drawn' award-winning author Raja Shehadeh explores the devastating effect of occupation on even the most intimate aspects of life.
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    Shehadeh, Raja
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    Profile Books
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