Historical document? Word of God? Religious propaganda? What the Bible is, and how the Bible is used are two entirely different matters. Take away the Bible’s religious significance and you still have a masterful compilation of truly stunning literature. This open discussion group, facilitated by a lifelong Bible enthusiast and Salvation Army Miniseter, looks at the ‘Good Book’ purely as a work of literature without any religious agenda or bias. Whatever you look for in a book: gripping story line, compelling characters, moving poetry, piercing observations, historical curiosities, political satire, ten-headed sea monsters, you’ll find it all in the Bible. Come along to have a drink and a chat. Like the good book itself, our cocktails are epic! This event is FREE but please reserve a place by email to orders@ink84bookshop.co.uk.

Thur Jan 24: The Bible As Literature Discussion Group FREE

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