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The Senility of Vladimir P

The Senility of Vladimir P

SKU: 9781782398097
Set 20-odd years from now, this is the story of a senile Vladimir Putin, ensconced and forgotten in his dacha, served by a small coterie of house staff. His nurse, charged with round-the-clock care, is blissfully unaware that his colleagues are using their various positions to skim money, in extraordinarily creative ways, from the top of their employer's seemingly inexhaustible riches. But when a family tragedy means that the nurse suddenly needs to find kopecs fast, the dacha's chef lets him in on the secret world of backhanders and bribes going on around him. Yet nurses are incorruptible; signees to the Hippocratic Oath. He wouldn't steal from his ailing patient. Would he?
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    Honig, Michael
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    Atlantic Books
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