The Feast : the perfect staycation summer read by Margaret Kennedy

The Feast : the perfect staycation summer read by Margaret Kennedy


With a new foreword by Cathy Rentzenbrink, this glorious rediscovered classic exploring the mystery of a buried Cornish hotel will make you nostalgic for 1940s seaside holidays ... 'The miniature charm of a Baby Austen.' Observer'Tense, touching, human, dire, and funny ... A feast indeed.' Elizabeth Bowen'Kennedy is not only a romantic but an anarchist.' Anita Brookner'So full of pleasure that you could be forgiven for not seeing how clever it is.' Cathy Rentzenbrink


Cornwall, Midsummer 1947. Pendizack Manor Hotel is buried in the rubble of a collapsed cliff. Seven guests have perished, but what brought this strange assembly together for a moonlit feast before this Act of God - or Man? Over the week before the landslide, we meet the hotel guests in all their eccentric glory: and as friendships form and romances blossom, sins are revealed, and the cracks widen ... A wise, witty fable, The Feast is a banquet indeed.

Reader Reviews:'Rich, powerful and intriguing characters that keep you glued [and] touch reader's hearts ... One of the best books I have ever read ... Viva Ms.

Kennedy, you were truly marvellous!' *****'The best book I've ever read. Yes, I know that's a big statement! Kennedy is quickly becoming my all-time favorite author ... I'm convinced she was a first-rate literary genius.' *****'I have read quite a few books, and very few can I describe as 'unique'.

The Feast is one of these rare books ... This is bar none, one of the best books I ever read.' *****'A magnificent rediscovery ... Kennedy's masterpiece is a searing and unflinching look at postwar England ...

Elegantly and tartly written, this smart and haunting novel offers one of the most unforgettable endings ... A brilliant and moving literary feast to be enjoyed without any moderation! *****'I'm longing to read this again! Clever Kennedy! Is it a thriller? Is it a morality play or an exploration of divine justice? Or is it a family/village saga and maybe even a romance? ... Terrifically readable with a marvellous cast.' *****'This isn't just the story of a Cornish summer holiday gone horribly wrong.

Kennedy is, in fact, doing something much cleverer and more sophisticated - offering us the chance to solve a very unusual kind of mystery ... An unexpectedly engaging literary game.' ****'Such a good idea, and brilliantly executed ... I was unable to stop reading, absorbed completely in the company of the motley group.

It's almost like you're eavesdropping on them. After finishing it, I find myself still thinking about it ... A fabulous read.' *****'One of my favorite kinds of books: a forgotten treasure.

The writing is exemplary ... Many, many fine moments.' *****