Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman


'A tour of the lurid fringes of the tech world' - The Times


'Like Louis Theroux channelling Margaret Atwood' - New Statesman


'A moreish page-turner of a book' - Herald


Imagine if it was possible to have the perfect sexual relationship without compromise, eat meat without killing animals, have babies without the need to bear them, and choose the time of our painless death. Life would be better, right?All over the globe, people are trying to make this a reality. They want to use technology to solve the thorniest problems of humanity.

But what if these 'problems' are the very things that make us human? Join Jenny Kleeman on an entertaining, thought-provoking adventure to a place where sex robots and vegan meat are no longer science fiction - right here, right now.