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SKU: 9781784944872
Meaning 'little stabs', it's a traditional Japanese sewing method that uses evenly spaced running stitches to create eye-catching geometric patterns. It has a humble background, originating as a form of darning - a way to strengthen weak areas of clothing. However, its utilitarian beginnings have since been shed, and it is now a popular form of decorative embroidery. This book explores the history of this strikingly effective technique and demonstrates how to apply it to a range of useful and ornamental items for the home, accessories and gifts. Minimalist by nature, Sashiko sits perfectly in modern interiors as well as traditional environments, giving it broad appeal. Following thorough guidance on the tools, materials and basic techniques, 20 appealing projects are presented. These include large-scale items such as bedding and a door curtain, and smaller items, such as brooches and greetings cards.
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    Clay, Jill
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    The Guild of Master Craftsman
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