Pleasures and Landscapes by Sybille Bedford

Pleasures and Landscapes by Sybille Bedford


'Bedford's ability to recreate landscape is matched only by her appetite for mouth-watering descriptions of exotic food ...She cannot write a dull page.' -- Financial Times


'The Naples boat was on time. Lightly one stepped ashore, and, after a brief, slow ascent, emerged into Piazza still warm under a late afternoon sun.'


In these eight evocative and transcendent essays, Sybille Bedford chronicles her adventures through Europe over a thirty year period. With her elegant prose and razor sharp insight, Bedford takes us on a propulsive journey dropping us into the passenger seat as she drives to meet Martha Gellhorn in Capri, taking us across the wind-swept piazzas of Venice in winter, and tantalizing our taste buds with a tour of the vineyards of Bordeaux.


Packed with extraordinary excitement, Bedford shows us the world through her eyes the eyes of a seasoned traveller in all its beauty and wonder. Pleasures and Landscapes is a satisfyingly sensuous literary expedition told by one of the greatest travel writers of the 20th Century.