Lost and Wanted by Nell Freudenberger

Lost and Wanted by Nell Freudenberger


'A novel of female friendship . . . startling and moving' New York Times


'In the first few months after Charlie died, I began hearing from her much more frequently . . .'


When Helen Clapp gets a missed call from best friend Charlie, she knows it's a mistake. Because Charlie's dead. Ghosts break so many fundamental laws of the universe that Helen, a physicist, shouldn't believe in them. Should she?As this question draws Helen to Charlie's grieving husband and daughter, she finds herself entangled in the forgotten threads of lost friendship and her own paths not taken . . .


'There aren't many novels that bring to mind both Middlemarch and Bridget Jones's Diary - but Lost and Wanted is one of them' The Times


'Dazzling. Freudenberger explores the nature of ambition, success and grief . . .brilliant' Financial Times

'Beautiful. I was moved by intimacies near and far, real and imagined, lost and found in all the echoing corners of the expanding universe'

New York Times