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The Jamestown Brides

The Jamestown Brides

SKU: 9781782399162
In 1621, 57 women undertook a three-month journey to Jamestown after responding to an advert placed by the Virginia Company of London calling for maids 'young and uncorrupt' to make wives for its planters in the New Colony. Although the women travelled of their own free will, the Company was in effect selling them at a profit, having set a bride price of 150lbs of tobacco for each woman sold. The colony was then less than 15 years old and the Company hoped to root its settlers to the land with ties of family and children. Using original research, including company records and contemporary accounts, Jennifer Potter gives voice to these women and takes the reader on a journey alongside the brides as they travel into a perilous and uncertain future.
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    Potter, Jennifer
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    Atlantic Books
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