How to Create an Eco Garden : Sustainable and Greener Gardening by John Walker


Eco gardening can lessen our overconsumption of natural resources, reduce waste, cut energy use, and make a positive contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. Each page of this planet-friendly book is bursting with ideas for creating your own eco garden on any scale from a small courtyard to a large garden or allotment. Find out how to make soil-building compost from kitchen and household waste, how to save energy by harvesting rainwater, and how to utilise sunlight in your garden.

Discover organic techniques that improve biodiversity and attract pest- eating animals and insects. Learn the value of using recycled and reclaimed materials for landscaping. Six eco garden `greenprints' are packed with environmentally friendly ideas.

Simple projects include making a pond and a wildlife hotel, turning a lawn into a wild ower meadow, and planting a `fedge'. Packed with practical advice and 500 photographs, this book is for everyone who wants a beautiful, productive backyard that won't cost the earth.


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