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Consent vs Power: Olivia Petter and Ela Lee, In conversation

Consent vs Power: Olivia Petter and Ela Lee, In conversation


Join authors Olivia Petter and Ela Lee in conversation here at Ink! The will be discussing their books and the themes of consent and power. This is sure to be an extremely interesting and important discussion so book your ticket now!




Gold Rush - 


We give celebrities a power they don’t deserve. Power they haven’t earned. What happens when they exploit it?


Imagine you’ve just spent the night with the most famous man on the planet. Except you don’t quite remember it. That is what happens to Rose, a twenty-something woman who seemingly has everything going for her.


Working for one of the most powerful news outlets in the country, Rose spends her days doing PR for glossy magazines. There are tedious spreadsheets, fashion divas, and many A-list parties. It’s at one of those parties where she meets Milo Jax, the world-famous, globally adored, British pop sensation. An unlikely flirtation turns into an even more unlikely evening and then Rose wakes up, unable to piece it all together. What happens next changes everything.


Gold Rush is a story about consent, celebrity culture, and trying to figure out where women fit in a world that consistently devalues and disrespects their bodies.



Jaded -


Jade has become everything she ever wanted to be.


Successful lawyer.
Dutiful daughter.
Beloved girlfriend.
Loyal friend.


Until one night after a work event she suffers an unspeakable attack.


As she tries to confront what happened to her, she finds herself caught between her parents who can’t understand, her boyfriend who feels betrayed, and her job that expects silence. The world Jade has constructed starts to crumble.


This raw, darkly funny novel explores the ‘grey-area’ of consent and recovery that’s far from linear, and will leave you asking yourself: what would you have done in Jade’s situation?




Tickets include a glass of wine or soft drink, we look forward to seeing you!

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