Careless by Kirsty Capes

Careless by Kirsty Capes


Sometimes it's easy to fall between the cracks... At 3.04 p.m. on a hot, sticky day in June, Bess finds out she's pregnant.

She could tell her social worker Henry, but he's useless. She should tell her foster mother, Lisa, but she won't understand. She really ought to tell Boy, but she hasn't spoken to him in weeks.

Bess knows more than anyone that love doesn't come without conditions. But this isn't a love story...


Praise for Careless: 'Vivid, bold and beautifully observed' ABBIE GREAVES

Uplifting and simultaneously heart-breaking' ANSTEY HARRIS


'A thought-provoking and compelling coming-of-age story, with a fearless and funny protagonist in Bess' RICHARD ROPER


'Real, raw, heart-wrenching and so wonderfully written. A truly honest coming-of-age story. I laughed, cried, squirmed and couldn't stop reading' JESSICA RYN