Starting Your Novel: Course Structure

Below is an outline of what the course will cover. Please note that the subjects and schedule may change slightly depending on what students need and want.

Week 1: What’s your story and why are you here? Routines and discipline: finding the time to write.

Week 2: Inspiration: how to discover and develop ideas, and when to abandon them.

Week 3: Why you should start at the end, not the beginning. How to choose a genre.

Week 4: Characters and why they matter more than plot. Using dialogue to bring your people, and their story, to life.

Week 5: Three-act structure: how to plot and build a story. Beginnings, middles and endings. Using a beatsheet.

Week 6: What’s it all about, Alfie? Theme and pitch.

Week 7: Learning how to move a story on, improve the pace and self-edit.

Week 8: Workshop on first chapters.

Week 9: Workshop on first chapters.

Week 10: What’s next: why one sentence is more important than all the others or how to sell your book to agents and publishers. 

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